2. Things To Do At The Motown Museum in Detroit, MI

Uncovering the Magic at the Motown Museum: Your Ultimate Detroit Guide

Tucked away in Detroit, Michigan, lies the birthplace of the Motown sound. The Motown Museum, a historic gem, celebrates the music that transformed America and birthed a cultural revolution. For those eager to step back in time and groove to the Motown beat, here’s everything you can do at this iconic Detroit attraction called the Motown Museum.

1. Tour Hitsville U.S.A Begin your Motown journey where it all started. Hitsville U.S.A, the original house of Berry Gordy Jr., became the first headquarters of Motown Records. Experience the magic as you walk through the same hallways where legends like Stevie Wonder and Diana Ross once roamed.

2. Marvel at Studio A A trip to the Motown Museum is incomplete without stepping foot in Studio A. Feel the echoes of history in the very room where iconic tracks like “My Girl” and “I Heard It Through the Grapevine” were recorded.

3. Dive into The Legacy of Berry Gordy Discover the genius behind Motown. Berry Gordy, with a loan of just $800, built an empire that would redefine music. Learn about his vision, his journey, and his unwavering belief in the “Sound of Young America.”

4. Interact with Exhibits The museum is filled with interactive exhibits that bring the Motown era to life. Sing along, dance, and immerse yourself in a time when music was not just a melody but a movement.

5. Attend Special Events & Workshops The Motown Museum is always buzzing with activity. From songwriting workshops to Motown-themed events, there’s always something happening. Check their calendar for any special events during your visit.

6. Admire Rare Memorabilia From Michael Jackson’s iconic glove to vintage album covers, the museum boasts an extensive collection of Motown memorabilia. Each artifact tells a story of a time when Motown ruled the charts.

7. Shop at the Motown Store Bring a piece of Motown history home with you. The Motown Store offers a wide range of merchandise, from vintage records to trendy apparel. It’s the perfect place to pick up a memento or gift.

8. Engage with Knowledgeable Guides The staff at the Motown Museum are not just employees; they’re enthusiasts. Engage with them, ask questions, and let them regale you with behind-the-scenes tales of the Motown magic.

Conclusion The Motown Museum is not just a place; it’s a pilgrimage for music lovers. It stands as a testament to the rhythm, soul, and spirit of a generation. When in Detroit, make sure to groove your way to this iconic destination and experience the sound that changed America.


To learn more of the history of Detroit try visiting Comerica Park.

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